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Finding a Lot

Finding the right piece of land for your home can be one of the most challenging parts of the custom home building process. At Smart Homes 605, we always take advantage of the opportunity to assist our clients in selecting the land they will build on; we have seen it all when it comes to selecting a lot. Prior to starting the design of your home, we will always inspect the property to ensure we all considering all potential factors from the start. Whether it’s assessing the topography of your land or planning for how we can optimize the views present at your property, all factors are considered before we start your custom design.

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Planning &

At Smart Homes 605, we have developed an in-depth planning and design process to create an easy and fun process to crafting your unique house plan.

 We start with an in-depth interview process to learn what makes a house a home for our clients.

We help our clients establish a budget for their home. We want to ensure that the home designed for you will directly correlate to your budget, while also mitigating future changes that would need to be made to the design due to exceeding your budget. Our in-house design makes the production process seamless for our clients. Our clients don’t have to worry about coordinating between the home designer and the builder, we handle everything under the same roof. Ultimately, this creates an optimal situation for anyone planning to custom build a home.

Interior & Exterior Design

When it comes to the interior & exterior design, most-times it can be very hard to not be cursed by too many options. There are limitless choices out there for finishes, whether its tile selections or choosing your countertops, there’s virtually endless options. Working one on one with Smart Homes 605 designer helps us overcome those obstacles. Our interior designer will help you narrow down the options by getting a feel for the concepts and styles you are looking to achieve in your home. With our network of suppliers, we ensure that our clients receive the home they have always dreamed of.

Blue Print


Once we have the green light to start construction on your unique custom home, a meeting will be organized where you will receive a detailed budget and schedule.  We will discuss selections, timelines, and answer any other questions you have about the construction phase of your home.  During various stages of construction, your attendance will be requested at certain meetings to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to have detail walk-throughs to ensure you receive everything in your home.

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